Finally, a web-based tool designed to help you communicate and stay organized with all the people that touch a short-term mission trip.

MissionMakr.com is a web-based tool to help churches, universities and organizations engage the body of Christ, impact people going on a short-term trip, and do it all in less time, with less effort and less cost.  It’s an easy to use solution built just for short-term trips.

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MissionMakr provides a team with effective communication and organization to achieve lasting impact through the 4 phases of a mission trip; getting the word out and recruiting team members, organizing and equipping the members, staying connected with those following the team while they are serving and telling God’s story and theirs when they return. Each of the four phases follows the natural progression of a trip and gives you the ability to more effectively communicate and impact the right people at the right time.

Rick and DianaMissionMakr debuted in November 2008 and was the result of lots of hard work and prayer by its creators, Rob Carpenter – the idea guy, and Caleb Cohoon – the make it work guy.   In the summer of 2013, MissionMakr was sold to Rick and Diana Lowe with the desire to build upon the quality service and customer support that has always characterized MissionMakr.  Rick and his family served as missionaries for 13 years and he is currently an outreach and missions pastor at a large church in Texas.   The MissionMakr commitment is to help you make the most out of your mission trip experience and magnify God by more effectively telling His story and yours.

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