Mission Control TIP #1: Build common vocabulary with your team leaders around your short-term mission trips.

Have you ever had a conversation with someone and when you finished wondered if you were speaking the same language? Because leading cross-cultural short-term teams is complex, having terms and practices that are commonly understood is essential if you want to minimize mis-understandings.  This will create greater unity and facilitate better communication amongst all of the different people involved.  I have even seen teams that have a code word for, “I’m in trouble, please help me out” so that when a team member gets in a difficult situation (emotionally or physically) they can cry out for help without calling undue attention to themselves or embarrassment to their host.

Another way to build common vocabulary amongst your leaders is to sign them up to receive these tips. Let us help you equip them to become experts at using MissionMakr so together you can make more out of missions.

Sign up HERE to receive by weekly tips.

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