Best Practices

Have you ever wondered if there is a better way to do something? There must be somebody who has tried this before.  We hear you!  That’s why we have been compiling a series of Best Practices and Tips for MissionMakr users out of the years of experience and hundreds of short-term mission teams that we have helped others send.  We will be sending these out on a bi-weekly basis and you can sign up now to receive them either once or twice a month.  Just click on the subscription link below and we’ll get you started.

mm_logo_flat_color_cmykSome up and coming topics will include;

  • How to build the Launch pages to promote your trip and attract new supporters.
  • How to use the GearUp phase to better equip your team and involve your host receivers.
  • Communication Tips during your on field time.
  • Connecting with Social Media.
  • Fund Raising Ideas.
  • Sharing the load by involving your team.

Do you have a topic that you would like us to cover or an idea to share with others?  We’d love to hear it.  Send us an email at



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