New Clone Tool!

We are celebrating this 4th of July with

Two Special Announcements.

#1. Our Trip Clone Tool is here.  Now you can easily create a new trip with all of the same information, graphics, tasks, devotionals, videos, resources and layout that the original trip had.  Just click on the “+ Create a New Trip based upon this one” command located on the right side of the trip information on the Trips page and a CLONE will be produced.  Then, go in and adjust the dates, change the name and save the changes and you have a fully functional trip layout based upon the original.

New Trip CloneUse this to set up a standard template for your church or organization that includes all of the important information that you want on all of your trips.  Then, just clone the template to include all of this material in the trips to follow.  It is that easy.

New Trip Clone 2For trips that go to the same location on multiple occasions, the New Trip Clone allows you to create new trips based upon all of the criteria that you included in your original design.  All you will need to do is adjust the details of the trip.

#2. We are giving away FREE Tokens when you refer a church or organization and they sign up at  From today until July 12th if a new church or organization signs up because you told them how you have enjoyed using MissionMakr, we’ll give you 2 FREE Tokens.  Then, if they end up adding team members of their own, we’ll give you an additional 3 FREE Tokens.  That’s a $100 of FREE Tokens towards your next trip.

Free TokensWe don’t normally give out free tokens because we believer that MissionMakr will save you time and money and is worth every penny, but we also want to celebrate the 4th of July with our loyal user base and so this is your opportunity to win some free tokens.  Just ask your friends to mention “referral” when asked how they heard about MissionMakr in the sign up process and send us a note to let us know who you invited.  We’ll track the rest and credit your account accordingly.Fireworks

Have a great 4th of July as you remember the blessings and the costs of freedom!


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