Duct Tape Team Building


Effective team building is one of those key elements needed to create a successful short term mission trip with a diverse group of uniquely gifted people.   A unified team will pull together in the same direction when the excitement of a trip’s adventure dims in the face of adversity.  A unified team will also demonstrate the love of Christ both to those on the team and those who are watching it.

41kSUZePefL._SL500_AA300_We are always looking for great tools to help us build strength and unity into our teams.  So I was delighted when one of our fantastic team leaders discovered a book that has become a standard part of our team building.  “Duct Tape Teambuilding Games – 50 Fun Activities to Help Your Team Stick Together” by Tom Heck.  You should really never leave home without it.

If you have ever owned a used car, house or boat, or been a missionary on a foreign field, traveled for an extensive period of time, or made a survival kit, then you are familiar with Duct Tape.

One year I used Duct Tape to repair a broken bell housing on a starter motor for a car with a warped flywheel.   It lasted for over three months and hundreds of starts before the owner finally drove it to the junkyard.   Amazing!

Tom’s book is filled with dozens of practical fun games that you challenge your team to think strategically, solve problems, work together, and learn to trust each other.   They range from the simple to the complex and from strategic to hilarious.

IMG_0187_2Each activity is categorized by group size, age range, intensity, time, space needed, amount of duct tape needed, the game objective, skills developed, set up and instructions on how to get the most out of the different aspects of the challenge.  He has even made a video demo for most activities to show you what it looks like live.


We typically bring along a couple of roles of duct tape on our trips to play games with students and children.   Plus, you never know when you will have to repair a fender or plug a leak.  If you are looking for some fun and creative ways to brake the ice and build your group into a unified team, then get yourself a copy of Tom Heck’s, Duct Tape Teambuilding Games.

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