Declare His Glory!

How awesome is our God!  Let us “Declare His glory among the nations His wonderful works among all peoples.  Psalm 96:3

It is always encouraging to hear how God is at work around the globe, and especially in difficult places where the Gospel is not readily accessible.  This past week, a team using MissionMakr in a creative access country returned after two weeks of tremendous ministry discipling young church planters.  Here is what the team leader said:

“What fun it was to be able to stay in touch with the almost 100 people who followed our recent trip to Central Asia. God did a number of amazing things. The people I was working with drew tremendous encouragement by the fact that the Body of Christ around the world was acting like the Church in Acts 2, holding all things in common, praying together for this work, and supporting it in other ways.  What a great picture this was of the Body of Messiah. unified in His work “here, near, and far.”  Mission Makr was an incredible tool. Thank you for following God’s leading to make it available for our use.”

Those following the trip stayed engaged and many shared comments throughout the trip that encouraged the team and those they were serving.   Here is what one Trip Follower wrote:

“I really enjoyed following your trip on MissionMakr. This is a great tool – easy to use.”

MissionMakr provides a safe and secure environment that is only accessible to the people that you allow in to follow a trip.  It gives teams the ability to share the story of what God is doing in greater detail and encourages them to pray strategically for the ministries taking place in the lives of people otherwise often cut off from the larger body of Christ.

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