Ready, Set, LAUNCH!

In honor of Mexican Independence Day, on Monday, September 16th MissionMakr will launch and be live at  Our fantastic team of programmers, Josh and Ian, have been working diligently to get all of our systems and work flows running smoothly.   Our launch team has been building the infrastructure to make an excellent user experience and our whole team is looking forward to a Celebration and Dedication on Sunday.  So check it out for yourself today at

The more we work on MissionMakr, the more it impresses me how well MissionMakr works to get Trip Members and Followers in the right place at the right time so that they have access to the information and communication tools that are important to them.  It also gives Site and Trip Administrators, as well as Team Leaders, the ability to scale MissionMakr in accordance with the needs of each of the 4 phases of a Mission Trip.  That is a powerful combination.

As we prepare to start this faith adventure, I have to thank the Lord for His loving kindness and the amazing joy He brings to each day when we walk with Him. Diana and I are also super thankful for the incredible people that God has put in our lives to make this launch possible.  Our hats off and many thanks to all who have walked with us on this journey:

  • Rob Carpenter, the original visionary, designer and creator of MissionMakr.  Rob gave MissionMakr his servant’s heart.
  • Caleb Cohoon, Alain Ravet, Ian Warshak, and Josh McKinney, the amazing programmers that make MissionMakr hum and sparkle.
  • Ruben Zamorano, David Butler, Kevin Hammond, Derrick Pizarro, Peter Walker, Dale Martin and Diane MacLachlan who have all given great professional advice.
  • Ann Spence, Eric Lowe and and many others who have given of their time, talents and ideas.
  • Wayside Chapel, whose leadership has the heart and courage to bless this endeavor, a giant commitment to the Mission of God and the vision to see the Kingdom value that MissionMakr provides.

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