What a nightmare!

Churches and missions organizations raise thousands of dollars annually to send participants on short-term ministry trips.  Every trip leader and participant aspires to see his or her trip have a significant and lasting impact whether they are serving in a VBS, medical clinic, building homes, or helping to plant a church.


Organizing and executing a well-run and impactful mission trip is a complex task.  A failure in any one of these many facets can threaten to derail the whole experience.  Unfortunately, I know this personally. This past year we tried to replicate the functions of MissionMakr.com by using a variety of our own internal systems and other available online tools like bulk email services, social networking and photo hosting sites. What a nightmare!  

Trying to integrate all of these service together was labor intensive, ineffective and ended up being a disjointed experience for those trying to follow the trip. The process of recruiting, equipping, sending and communicating can be overwhelming and I find most organizations are not equipped with either the staff or the systems to accomplish these 4 key goals. The amount of time we spent trying to develop our own system and then train our leaders was crazy and in the end fell far below what we had hoped to be a God honoring process.


This is especially true when it comes to communicating periodic updates on how the trip is going, daily prayer requests and victories with sponsors, parents, family members and sending churches.  So when people ask me, why I am willing to invest so much of my spare time to continue developing MissionMakr.com, my answer is easy.  I know that God is pleased and we can get more out of missions when we are well organized, better equipped to serve and more fully engage the body of Christ.  These are the strengths of MissionMakr.com.

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