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After several months of study and redesign, has changed ownership and will be relaunching soon. We are excited to offer this fantastic tool to help organize, lead, and effectively communicate your next mission trip through each of the phases. This is a tool that once you have used, you will never go back to anything else.

Speaking from personal experience, as a mission’s pastor and team leader, I have looked at a lot of options trying to find the best way to maximize our resources for the greatest impact. Telling the story well of what God is and has been doing through our mission teams is one of the most important responsibilities of magnifying His work. We have not found any other tool that does so much, so well, and for a price that we can afford. In addition, I have found that MissionMakr is easiest enough to use for me to train our other team leaders to run their teams all in one easily accessible location. Having one place for our congregation and trip followers to go to stay engaged with our teams makes a huge difference when you are involved in several teams.

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